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Five year International and Interdisciplinary fellowship programme supported by the prestigious European Commission, Horizon 2020 Marie Skłodowska-Curie Co-Fund Action.


Marie Skłodowska-Curie CO-FUND Action Fellowship

Led by the Trinity Long Room Hub Arts and Humanities Research Institute (TLRH) and ADAPT, the Science Foundation Ireland Centre for Digital Content Innovation at Trinity College Dublin.


Human-centric approaches to technological INNOVATION.
18 Experienced Researchers
18 Experienced Researchers

The fellowship will appoint up to 18 fellows for two-year periods between 2021 and 2025.

Research areas
Research areas

Fellows will pursue projects with a distinct focus on human-centred approaches to technology development and the cycle between technology and human experience.

Experienced Supervisors
Experienced Supervisors

Fellows will be supported by a dedicated multidisciplinary and intersectoral supervisory team.

Enteprise Engagement
Enteprise Engagement

Future Lab will bring fellows together to test, learn, invent, co-create, and build solutions in response to problems set by our enterprise partners.


Applicant Eligibility &
Proposal Requirements.


Application Process
and Documents.


1st Call
for applications.

  • for the period 2021-23, will open on 30 October 2020, for three months, closing on 30 January 2021. More information on the details of the call and application process will be provided in September.

HUMAN+ Fellowship Programme offers:

+  A cutting-edge interdisciplinary research programme.

+  Individual fellow secondments lasting 3-6 months to strengthen the intersectoral experience.

+  A world-leading interdisciplinary working environment with state-of-the-art facilities and full integration into the TLRH/ADAPT communities.

+  A structured training programme that equips the fellows with competencies to experiment with new methodologies for framing collaborative research, with futureproofing skills and unique perspectives in addressing IT-driven societal challenges in the human sphere.

Events & Articles

Recent News.

Posted by Katarina White


Professor @janeohlmeyer concludes the Human+ launch this evening by inviting interested companies, NGOs, and researchers to join the programme..
#hubmatters #humantech @AdaptCentre @TLRHub @tcddublin

Professor @vincentwade addresses a question about technology and capitalism.
#hubmatters #humantech @AdaptCentre @TLRHub @tcddublin

Lorna Ross remembers the initial dislike of telemedicine when it first came out.
#hubmatters #humantech @vhi @AdaptCentre @TLRHub @tcddublin

Lorna Ross highlights the link between the technology and our collective culture.
#hubmatters #humantech @vhi @AdaptCentre @TLRHub @tcddublin

Professor @anndeibh conducted a survey of 1,100 educators and discusses the main challenges with remote teaching in the era of #Covid19.
#hubmatters #humantech @LearnovateC @AdaptCentre @TLRHub @tcddublin

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World class
research training in Dublin.

HUMAN+ will build a critical cohort of future employees who understand technology as well as humanistic principles.