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Human+ Programme


HUMAN+ places the human at the centre of approaches to technology development for the long-term betterment of society.

HUMAN+ is an international and interdisciplinary fellowship programme led by the Trinity Long Room Hub Arts and Humanities Research Institute and ADAPT, the Science Foundation Ireland Centre for Digital Content Innovation at Trinity College Dublin, and supported by the prestigious European Commission (EC) Horizon 2020 Marie Skłodowska-Curie COFUND Action. It will select up to 18 experienced researchers for a 2-year post-doctoral programme and unique research and training space.

Few research and industry approaches to technological development to date have included the nuanced and deep perspectives of the arts and humanities disciplines. HUMAN+ will connect computer science researchers with arts and humanities researchers and enterprise to forge a human-centric approach to technology development allowing for interdisciplinary research, integrating insights from the arts, humanities and computer sciences as well as enterprise.

To achieve this, HUMAN+ research topics are divided into two research strands which the applicant must choose at application stage:

Research Strands

Strand 1

Questions that consider technological developments from the humanistic perspective

Strand 2

Research for the development of computing technology with insights informed by the Arts and Humanities



The secondments in the HUMAN+ non-academic partner organisations will increase the fellows’ competitiveness in the industry labour market. Combined with entrepreneurship training modules, and participation in the HUMAN+ Future Lab and Summer Schools, these interactions are expected to encourage many fellows to follow this path to creating new innovative European enterprises.

Training and Development

Human+ is a full research training and career development programme. At the start of the fellowship, a Personal Career Development Plan will be developed to support fellows in achieving their short and long term career goals and prepare them for their future career trajectory. HUMAN+ is designed to provide a structured training programme in domain-specific areas and transferable skills, its components include:

  • Future Labs
  • Supervised Interdisciplinary and intersectoral research project
  • Complementary advanced research and transferable skills training
  • HUMAN+ Summer/Winter Schools
  • Intersectoral and interdisciplinary transfer of knowledge (through secondments and/or short visits to industry partners)
  • Specific training in communication and outreach activities
  • Compulsory induction training delivered by TLRH and ADAPT that includes research ethics, gendered innovations training, Open Science and research practices at the start of all fellowships


World class
research training in Dublin.

HUMAN+ will build a critical cohort of future employees who understand technology as well as humanistic principles.