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Enterprise engagement with  Human+

Enterprise organisations, and other cultural, governmental and non-governmental organisations, working at the interface between societal and commercial demand and technology development have a unique perspective on real-world challenges and the potential benefits of embracing human-centric approaches to technology development.

To maximise the benefits of the programme to Enterprise, Human+ provides an opportunity for companies to engage with the research fellows throughout their two-year fellowship via our Enterprise Partner Programme, which has three main elements.

Benefits to Enterprise

Human+ is a unique opportunity for Enterprise to explore the challenges and benefits of embracing a human-centric approach to technology development. By engaging with the Human+ research fellow, Enterprise Partners can explore directly the meaning and potential impact of human influences on technological development in their own organisations and that of their customers or end-users.


Informing the Human+ Research Strands

In collaboration with the Human+ academic mentors, identify the real-world challenges that underlie the broad Human+ research strands.


Participation in the Human+ Future Lab

Define an industry challenge and engage in mentoring a team of Human+ fellows who will work towards a demonstration of how a human-centric approach to developing technology delivers an alternative perspective and added dimension to addressing that challenge.


The Human+ Industry Secondment

An in-company secondment co-funded by the company where the Human+ Fellow works with the company for a period of 3 to 6 months, building on the knowledge and experience gained through the research fellowship, applying a human-centric approach to a challenge of interest to the company.


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HUMAN+ will build a critical cohort of future employees who understand technology as well as human-centric principles.