Human+ Tech Talks | Learning to Learn: How Can AI Unlock Learning Patterns?

A roundtable discussion hosted by Dr Qian Xiao as part of the Human+ Tech Talks series.

Date and time

Tue, 22 November 2022

13:00 – 14:00 IST

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About this event

Online education has become a mainstream form of education in many countries during the pandemic. The market for AI-enhanced personalized tutoring systems is therefore growing in great demand and popularity. This allows recording rich information of learner’s interactions, thus opening up the possibilities of studying ‘learner’s behavior at scale using machine learning techniques. In this seminar, we will share the challenges and opportunities when building personalized online education systems. We’ll also showcase tangible examples of how we can leverage deep neural networks and large volumes of behavioral data to tackle these challenges.

Our discussion will cover the following topics:

● What value has personalization brought for education?

● What does that look like as an AI-enhanced personalized education system in the future?

● How to compare learner’s performance in the long-run?

● Cognition gaps between human understanding and neural networks.

● Discovering user behavior patterns that have potential value for pedagogical practices.

Speakers: Dr Qian Xiao, Human+ Programme Fellow; Prof Vincent Wade, Chair of Computer Science (1990), Trinity College Dublin; Dr Keith Johnston, Assistant Professor, Education, Trinity College Dublin.

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