Human+ Tech Talks | The Future of Robots in Our Everyday Lives: A Transdisciplinary Discussion

A roundtable discussion hosted by Dr Pat Treusch as part of the Human+ Tech Talks series..

Date and time

Tue, 11 October 2022

13:00 – 14:00 IST

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About this event

Robots that will populate our social everyday lives have become an ubiquitous figure of the sociotechnical imaginary of the Global North. They can take the shape of smaller artifacts to life-sized humanoid robots. Researchers have been examining the gendered, racialized and ableist dimensions of designing, building and implementing so-called social robots. This discussion aims to not only formulate a humanistic critique of engineering practices, but rather to deliver the points of departure to engineer social robots differently.

The panel will tackle these main questions, among others:

● How can robotic engineers and humanities scholars work together?

● What kind of future robots do we envision when collaborating?

● How could robots become socially useful in new, not yet known ways?

Speakers: Dr Pat Treusch, Human+ Programme Fellow; Dr Conor McGinn, Assistant Professor, Mechanical, Manufacturing & Biomedical Engineering, Trinity College Dublin; Benjamin Cowan, Associate Professor School of Information & Communication Studies University College Dublin; Fiona McDermott, Research Fellow, SFI CONNECT Centre.

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