Dr Dalila Burin
Human+ Programme Fellow
Programme Supervisors:
Prof. Nicholas Johnson, Prof. Rachel Mc Donnell
Dr Dalila Burin
Research Theme: Researching perception of embodied virtual humans to improve immersive virtual reality (VR)

Dr Dalila Burin is based in the ADAPT Centre (School of Computer Science and Statistics) and her work focuses on the exploration of bodily self consciousness, in terms of how our brain perceives and represents our own body and our movements, in normal and pathological conditions. She employs different paradigms in her research, including physiological measurements and brain imaging.

Dalila works with her two HUMAN+ mentors, Dr. Rachel McDonnell (School of Computer Science) and Dr Nicholas Johnson (School of Drama). She has combined her background in cognitive neuropsychology with immersive virtual reality (IVR) techniques to improve physical and cognitive functions in both young people and the elderly. Her HUMAN+ research project, “BStrongBSmart,” explores how visual manipulations of the virtual body can affect the physical body, in terms of cognitive and physiological reactions. This can have a beneficial impact on physical exercise for performers (such as dancers) and preserve bodily functions in the case of elderly people or those with motor disorders. 

Dalila has a PhD in Neuroscience from the University of Turin in Italy and was Assistant Professor at the Smart Ageing Research Centre in Tohoku University, Japan. In her free time, she likes water sports (especially swimming and surfing), she’s a foodie and a PokemonGo player.