Dr Nicola Palladino
Human+ Programme Fellow
Programme Supervisors:
Prof. Blanaid Clarke, Prof. David Lewis
Dr Nicola Palladino
Research Theme: Arts and Humanities Research

Nicola is based in the Trinity Longroom Hub and his work is focused on questions that consider technological developments from the humanistic perspective. He will work closely with his academic mentors Prof Blanaid Clarke (School of Law) and Prof David Lewis (School of Computer Science and Statistics) to advance the discussion on how to embed ethical and human rights standards within the AI systems’ socio-technical design, offering a first workable instrument to address the AI ethics “principle to practices gap” within operative contexts. Thus, his project will map, elaborate, and combine values, technical requirements, and governance arrangements into a comprehensive framework supported by a system of indicators, criteria, and measures to monitor compliance with principles and standards. In the end, the insights so acquired will be employed to develop the “AI Ethic Tool-Kit” an instrument aimed at providing developers, deployers and other stakeholders with practical guidance on how to implement an AI ethical and human-rights based approach, as well as to draft recommendations on how to realise a proper regulatory and governance environment.

Nicola Palladino (PhD in Sociology, Social Analysis and Public Policy) studied at the University of Salerno and was a postdoctoral researcher at the School of Law and Government of the Dublin City University, and he is also a member of the Digital Constitutionalism Network supported by the Center of Advanced Internet Studies in Bochum, Germany. His main research interests include Global Internet Governance, Digital Policies, AI Ethics and Regulation. He loves writing, theatre, folk music, and wrapping himself tightly in his coat while walking close to the sea – he believes Ireland will provide plenty of opportunity for this!